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A Few Things to Keep in Mind for Your Special Day...

1. Please encourage all parents to be within eyesight of their children. We are focused on making sure every child is having fun, getting their chance to talk to our characters, and participating in the activities, so it is difficult for our hostess to also mediate disagreements between children and keep an eye on each child to ensure physical safety. We are not responsible for any bruises, bumps, scrapes, scratches, or other injuries that occur during typical play or party activities. Each child's behavior and physical safety are solely the responsibilities of their parents.

2. Please do not allow any child to pull on or lift up and look under a performer's skirt or mask. Certainly we welcome any costume questions, but any manipulation of costumes is at the sole discretion of our performer and/or hostess.

3. Please do not allow or encourage any child to throw any objects at our performers or to hit, kick, or punch any of our performers, especially in the face or groin area. We reserve the right to immediately end any appearance during which we determine our performer or hostess is not safe or enduring any unwanted physical contact beyond the level of typical play and still charge the full amount for the performance.

These rules allow us to keep our performers and party hostesses safe and help us make sure every child at your party has a fun, magical, and memorable time. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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