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Why We Do What We Do

My name is Stephanie and I founded Part of Your World Princessess in 2017. At that time, I was an Army wife and mom and I had been working as a princess performer for one of the larger princess companies from California that had franchised into Seattle. I very much enjoyed it, but I saw how expensive the visits were; I was constantly telling other moms about my job and they would say, "wow, I would love to do that for my child, but I just can't afford $400 for a two hour visit." I agreed- I believe the type of magic and special memories brought by the visit of a favorite character should be accessible and affordable to all children. I saw the incredible power of these vists- princesses and superheroes are "the great equalizer" in childhood- no matter what a child has experienced (and we have visited a few who have experienced things no person, let alone a child, ever should), when two children get together and start talking princesses or superheroes, they are instantly friends and just children again. Everything else vanishes. We do what we do because, in a world that grows increasingly isolated and frightening by the day, our children (and my performers) need that magic. We are here to provide it for you and for them- always.

Magically Yours, 


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